Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening

What is Labiaplasty and vaginal tightening?

40% of women have concerns with their labia. 12% are considering Labiaplasty often because of symptoms such as rubbing, chaffing, discomfort, embarrassment and getting in the way during sex. Labiaplasty can solve these problems, physically and can also help with your wellbeing and confidence to you and your partner.

30 to 50 % of women after child birth experience a negative change to their tightness. To some women they experience less satisfaction with sex due to a lack of stimulation for the partner who experience this lack of vaginal tightness. A specific procedure of vaginal tightening can rejuvenate the vagina and return tightness thus leading to increase sexual satisfaction.

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Labiaplasty or vaginal tightening

Labiaplasty, Labia Majora Reduction, Clitoral Hood Reduction (not clitoral de-hooding or female circumcision) Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, G Spot Enhancement and Hymen Repair are all now available in Melbourne and Sydney. These procedures are done safely on an, outpatient’s basis, without a general anesthetic and consequently at reduced costs to the patient. With some of the procedures, if done for a medical reason, part of the fee can be rebated under Medicare. The Outcome

Many women are now more satisfied with the function and appearance of their genitals and their performance in sports and their self-esteem increases. They, and their partners, feel increased friction in intercourse, with an increased likelihood for sexual satisfaction for the woman. Please feel free to read about the procedures and to contact us for more details.

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Vaginal Tightening
Hymen Repair
G Spot


The G Spot is estimated to be present in 85% of women but less than 40% experience the pleasure of a G Spot orgasm. There are ways to make the G Spot of the vagina more prominent. The Procedure is quick, Simple and safe with very good result. Please go to our special website...

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